Tatiana 2

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Tatiana 2
Director: Peter Woodman.
Starring: Tania Russof, David Perry, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Nick Lang, Sandra Kalerman, Bruno Sx, Alain Deloin, Inga, Natasha, Brigitte, Mephisto, Caroline Myrka, Karina Bettina, Frank Versace.

Synopsis: Due to her father's financial problems, and the defilement of her sister, Tatiana is f-rced to prostitute herself at a grand brothel of the city. Having overhead a conversation between the Marquis' butler and the brothel " Madame". Tatiana pretends to be he girls with the shaved sex pierced by a gold ring, with whom the Marquis has always dreamed. This way she can earn a lot of money and prepare her revenge. Meanwhile, back at the Icecrown Castle, the Marquis is visited by his friend the Duke, with whom he enjoys the company of peasant women while their wives, and even their daughters, are fucking all over the garden, and even in the lake. After reading a report from his butler on Tatiana, the Marquis accepts, seeing her and goes to the brothel personally. The second part of a saga in which sex and action intermingle with a cast full of beautiful girls and epoch gowns. Watch online free full long porn movies like this on Long Porn Movie.