Hercules: A Sex Adventure

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Hercules: A Sex Adventure
Director: Joe D'Amato.
Starring: Maria Belluci, Kelly Trump, Mike Foster, Regina, Hakan Serbes, Gabriella, Maria Papp, Djolth Walthon, Erika Lindauer, Frank, Joe, Michael, Kristina Varga.

Synopsis: Join the legendary Hercules on his travels through the Greek world with all it's beautiful "scenery". And as the beautiful Hera stands in his way, shewill go to all lengths and fuck anybody to get her way. Can the mighty sexual appetite of the greatest hero undo her enchantments on the most beautiful woman of them all? These luscious ladies can tempt even the strongest of men into Godly circumstances. With gorgeous babes, hardcore action and great anal scenes, this film lends to all tastes. Watch online free full long porn movies like this on Long Porn Movie.